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Refutations to a Non-muslim brother on Terrorism

Firstly, the most basic point to be kept in mind is the fact that Islam is an outcome of Quran & Hadees and not from lives of muslims. Hence, any question or criticisms must be highlighted on the lights of Quran or hathees, not from individual's behaviours.

Second, Islam and Terrorism, for your surprise, are two contradictory terms.
 Prophet Muhammad warned people saying, If anyone killed a single human, then in God's register, it will be registered as though he killed the entire Humanity. Terrorism in any form is completely forbidden.
But yes, there are people who doesnt have sufficient knowledge on what Islam says, and they go astray.

I will come to your questions one by one..
Before that, you guys need to realize the fact that it is not only Muslims who do such activities but in the whole world, the entire humanity does this terror acts.
In India, there were several bomb / terror attacks in Malegan, In Assam, in Nagaland, in UttarPradesh (recently). 

In Nepal, there are internal wars in bhutan there is.In germany, the whole world knows, internal fights between South & North korea, last year saw lakhs of innocent killings. Fights between LTTE & srilankan govt. we all know.

It is not that only Muslim countries are involved in such activities. It is the media which give hypes to such activities when it comes to a muslim country.
You again have to realise a simple fact that Muslims in Afgan fight against US - which is nothing but their Freedom Struggle.
Palastine or Syria war againts Israel & US - which is again their struggle for their freedom,

How come, a freedom struggle could ever be named terrorism ? If so, then do you agree that Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose had been a terrorist ? 
Do you agree that the INC which he formed, was a terrorist group? You have to.
Because, What Nethaiji did against US, is what these muslim countries does now !! Nethaji killed many English military troops, h had set fire to many police stations, houses and military regumes. 
It was how he conquered English - we never say it was terror attacks, but we praise him as  a great warrior !

His questions and my replies to it :

1. In the link I have provided please pause at 2.02. Is that what we expect from a kid? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYzP24J6A4E

Islam, as I said before, doesnt permit beheading of any person by any individual. If at all it has to be done, it must be done by a Government after chains of investigations and proofs. 

Butm when Prophet Muhammad is critisized that violently and in such an extreme vulgar manner, any Muslim will get tensed just because of the fact he is the most important person for any muslim out of the whole world !

A group of persons create a video of a person's Mother or sister so vulgarly & beyond imagination. Let us think off ourselves in that situation. Our family members are miserably criticised on video that they are prostitutes etc etc and the same, if had been uploaded on to youtube, what will be the person's reaction to it?
Out of that anger, if he proclaims "I will kill that guy", then will you come in favour of that group of people and talk against this guy? 
Will you still say - Hey, how can you talk like this? Are you not tolerant enough??

When it comes to his mother, when it comes to his sister, any human is bound to get tensed. Only if he does so, he is a human !

Muslims love prophet Muhammad 100 times more then they love their mothers. Now, what alternate reaction do you expect from a muslim for such an act?

Every Human is intolerant to a certain aspect. It is the intensity of those aspects that decide his limit of tolerance. Muslims are tested with that limit through this issue while other people are not tested. Or, their tests and results were not shown to the public over media as how this was portrayed.

2. Islam is not encouraged in Japan. After the Sarin nerve gas attack in 1995 there is no terrorist attack till now. Is that a mere coincidence?

Even Hindu population in Japan is very meager. 
UAE have very less christian & Hindu population - UAE is calm and queit
Saudi has very less or no christian & Hindu population - Saudi is calm and peaceful
Thailand has 0.06% of christians - Thailand is peaceful !
Switzerland doesnt have Hindus - It is one of the most beautiful places on earth !
There is very much negligible quantity of Hinduism in the whole world (Except countries like Nepal, India etc).. and the majority of the countries are calm and quiet !!

3. When the Innocence of Muslim trailer we released in you tube muslims from all over the world protested and its intensity were felt in my home town. After some two months the worst terror against a girl was unleashed in Delhi. If those organization is for the growth of humanity why they didn’t come to the street to have a protest with such a vigour as in the previous case? Even the Tsamaev , one of the accused in Boston bombing were supported some muslim community.

Just because I protest for something, you do not have any rights to question me on why I did not protest for anything else too. Your questions are just common to all human and you portray it as though only muslim have that quality.

If your family member is captured on a video and exposed to the world vulgarly, you will react to it. That reaction will not be equivalent to the reaction you show towards a murder news you read on newspapers !

If I come and ask you, Hey you reacted so violently when it comes to your family member but why didnt you react in a similar fashion to that murder case you read on the second page of today;s newspaper..?

Will you accept this question as an intellectual, unbiased one ??

People react differently in different conditions. I cannot condemn all day to day affairs happening in the world just because I condemn what has happened to my family member.

And to protest against that delhi attack - is just meaningless. It is one among the terror attacks on women community that happens lakhs - daily.
I read similar news daily on my newspaper and delhi case is nothing special. 

4. In Iraq there are frequent strife between Shia muslims and Sunni muslims. This year alone as per UN estimate 4400 was already killed. Still counting….But when a person from another community harms you, all you people unites as one. Is this Islamic Brotherhood or Politics of Islam?

As I said earlier, internal wars happen all through the world. Not only between shias - sunnis. Wars and riots happen everywhere and for every reason. Maoists attack Indian civilians and a war occurs between our indian regimes and maoists.
War occurs between Srilankan troops and the locals ther
War is between South and North Korea.
War occured between the local jews of East Britain and Germany Nazis.
There are internal communal riots happening between Scheduled castes and upper middle caste in states like Tamilnadu, Bihar, Andhra etc.
French wars occured in France during the 16th century which were between the protestents and Catholics.
In rome, the famous 30 year war occured between the same protestants and catholics.
Ethinic fights in Nigeria during early 20th century marked many innocent lives - Christianity involved in it
During 1960s, South Vietnam saw a major outburst among the majority Buddists and the Catholics

So what actions have you taken on this?

5. The link given below is a manual of Afghan Jihad. Please go through all the 28 pages. http://www.fas.org/irp/world/para/manualpart1_1.pdf Is this what one expects from a civilized world? Or is the translation incorrect?
6. Religion is for peaceful co-existence. But why people in Chechenya, Kashmir, Mindanoa in Philippines want a separate nation? What is there agenda? Why these peoples who follows Islam cant co-exists with other fellows?

Answered already

7. In almost all the terrorist attacks which shocks the globe muslims are pointed. Is this shows there intolerance? or Is it that muslims are being targeted in the name of Jihad?

Yes, we do not deny the fact that muslims too involve in many terror attacks. It is because they do not understand the religion the way it is supposed to be. Islam, as I said earlier, preaches peace and harmony.
Attacking / Killing a single life means killing the entire world - according to Quran. 
Wherever, Quran talks about Jihad, it is nothing but the necessities of a government !

If China or Pakistan comes for an attack, Indian government must do Jihad !

And this is what Jihad really means and not about a group of people forming an organisation and killing others - NO !

As I said, Islam is about Quran & Prophet Muhammad. 

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